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Celebrate your wins!

Happy New Year Friends!

How do you make a living when you are a self-employed artist? Marry rich is what my older friends say! Well, I married for love, my best decision yet. So here I sit, looking back at the year and figuring out what worked and what didn't. If you are like me, you don't receive a steady paycheck each week. I don't even think about weekly income, more like monthly, or seasonally. I have to break it all down then plan out my year ahead and hope for the best! I have always been a hard worker; I go above and beyond. It doesn't matter if I was waitressing, working a corporate job or a school lunch lady, I would give it my all. That's who I am, I'm all in. One day I thought, what if I did this for myself? That was five years ago. Here I am, in my studio in Montpelier, writing a blog post about being an artist. Two things, I once, only fantasized about.

It's important to celebrate your wins. It's easier to beat ourselves up about how we could have done better and where we need to improve. I keep track each month of my successes. I even give myself a little treat if I reach my goal. It's hard to manage a website, keep up with social media posts, create lessons for classes, book sip and paints, deal with finances, advertise, promote, take care of a family, house, pets and oh yeah-MAKE ART! I see you all out there trying to do the same thing! Maybe you aren't an artist, but you are managing a million different things at once. Celebrate yourself! If you don't do it, no one will.

From Vermont to Massachusetts, Florida, Montana, Washington and Japan. My work has been shipped around the world this year and I couldn't be more thankful. Thank you to all of you who bought art, attended classes or workshops, commented and shared my posts or showed up at the studio to say hello! I couldn't do it without your support!

If you are looking for a great way to celebrate your wins, come celebrate with me! This year I will be hosting a monthly Paint Party at the Drawing Board Classroom in Montpelier. Last year, many folks inquired about Paint and Sips, and I think it's time to bring them back! I call my Paint and Sips, Paint Parties. I recognized that not everyone likes to partake in alcoholic bevies. To sip or not is up to you. I did reserve a date in March that is during the day for those that might like to bring younger kids or don't like to drive in the evening. I can also do private parties and will travel about an hour from Montpelier.

Ski Lift Winter Sun Wise Owl

January, 21 @ 7 pm February, 11 @ 7 pm March, 18 @ 1 pm

Each class will take about two hours, I provide all the materials and supplies, you bring what you would like to drink or nibble on. It is $40 per person. Bring a friend or come by yourself and meet new friends! To sign up simply email me at and tell me what class you would like to attend.

Now go on out and celebrate yourself! Riley and I are celebrating you too!

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