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Grace and Grit ~words for the new year.

I am curious if you have a New Years resolution or a word for the year. Do you dive in to the new year headfirst ready to go, or do you have a leisurely approach? I have a bit of a slower approach this year, a little more thoughtful and gradual than years past. Maybe it has to do with my 50th trip around the sun, I am becoming more intentional.

How did I come to my words of Grace and Grit? Within the walls of our household, a duo of working artists has crafted a narrative that alternates between the awesome and the unstable, creating a canvas painted with both passion and uncertainty. In the pursuit of stability, I found myself searching for a job with the State this year. Every other year I start to fantasize about a full-time job with health care, maybe even a 401 k. Drool. Then my husband swoops in and saves me from myself, he gives me the much-needed pep talk to keep going as a self-employed artist. Afterall, he has had to cohabitate with me when I had a full-time desk job, it's no picnic.

Grit is perseverance, passion, resilience, the ability to maintain motivation despite difficulties. I have been learning how to run a small business the last couple years and it hasn't been easy. Sometimes it just feels so overwhelming I start looking for a full-time job. Luckily, I am stubborn and surrounded by people who believe in me and keep me motivated. I am digging my heels in deep to grit this year! I am also hoping at some point one of my kids will get a business degree and want me as their "project". Maybe I should add HOPE to my list!

I have so much gratitude for my health and what my body can still do. I know 49 is young, but I see what is on the horizon more clearly this year. I am embracing the changes and privilege that come with growing older with GRACE. I try to give myself grace by being gentle, forgiving and compassionate. It's not easy and it is a continual work in progress. I find when I practice grace in every aspect of my life, it starts to become a habit. It started with my children, my husband, friends, then it moved to my art and to myself. Being kinder and more generous to myself just makes me feel more content and fulfilled.

I am definitely one of those people that love the new year. I like to reflect on the past, start with a clean slate and try to prepare for what's next, it's an excellent reset for me. Every year is another gift to be with the people I love, and I am eternally grateful for that.

I hope this new year brings you everything you want.

I will leave you with this great blooper reel that is too good to not share! I also think it's a great example of both GRACE and GRIT! Enjoy!

Cheers for the New Year!

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