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Loosely Artsy

Updated: Jan 17

Some words put together just bring me great joy. A woman wrote to me this week asking about art classes for her "loosely artsy" daughter. What a word smith, a genius, to put those two words together that describe so many people I know. Are you loosely artsy? If you are reading this blog, I would say so!

So, my loosely artsy friends I have a fabulous color tip for you. Did you know there are three primary colors, blue, red and yellow? I bet you do. These colors cannot be made by mixing other colors together, they are the basic building blocks for all the colors we see. With blue, red and yellow you can make all the colors in the color wheel!

Color Wheel
Color Wheel

How do we find the complementary color? The complementary color is directly opposite on the color wheel. For example, the complement of red is green. Together they complete the color wheel, red and (blue+yellow) green, all three primary colors are represented. I am a visual learner and I need to see it, watch this one-minute video for a tip that will live in your brain forever!

I am obsessed with color and constantly thinking about it. What colors would I combine to make the November sky? Why does a winter sunrise look and feel different than a summer sunrise? How would I make those particular pinks? Would I use the complement to tone it down or make it more dramatic?

If any of this magic lights a fire in your heart, check out my new winter classes below. I have two in person classes, and an online course coming out soon. My class space is limited so don't wait!


Art Walk~Friday December 1, 4-8pm

Worcester Craft Fair, Sunday December 3, 10-4

Saturday Studio Hours, December 9 & 16, 12-4

Winter Paint and Sips

Second Sunday of the Month, Jan, Feb and March at 1:00.

Peace to all my loosely artsy friends! I hope to see you soon~

Katie O'Rourke

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