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What is that?! Epoxy Resin Evokes Emotion

Art Walk is an event that happens in Montpelier, VT four times a year. You can check out their site here to stay up date on future events. Venues all across the big city 😉 showcase local artists work. I love ART WALK! It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with my community, meet other artists and share new pieces. Two questions always asked about my art during these events are "what is that on top, glass?" and "can I touch it?". People are always intrigued about the epoxy resin I use as a final coat on top of my paintings. I put little signs out telling people to go ahead and touch the art, I know they want to! The epoxy resin evokes this emotion in people, it brings about an extra curiosity.

I use Art Resin, which is a non toxic, food safe, two part epoxy resin. I have tried many different types of resin and once I found Art Resin I was hooked. It is very easy to use, has low odor and is non-toxic! I really like the way the resin helps to make the colors pop and adds depth to the paintings. It makes the gold leaf trees and metallic paints look like they are glowing.

The food safe resin pushed me into making some functional art. In my past I dabbled in pottery. There is something really satisfying about making art you can drink or eat from! These cheese platters were a great way to do just that.

I know wedding season is upon us and if you are looking for a unique gift give me a shout. I have been doing custom made paintings and cheese boards with couples initials and wedding dates painted on the birch trees.

For anyone interested in learning more about Art Resin check out their website here. They have great tips and ideas for paintings, photography, woodworking and jewelry.

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