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Welcome to my Etsy Shop!

I am a born procrastinator. I really admire all those type A's out there that have their stuff together. You amaze me. The millenials that make daily posts on instagram about their art while raising a family. Usually the generation ahead of you is supposed to complain about how lazy you are, but seriously I am impressed. You inspire me.

I decided to follow through and finish setting up my Etsy shop. It only took me two years and I finally did it. It wasn't on my priority list, sort of like cleaning my house. It's because it's not the "fun" part of being an artist, it's the business side of things. However, I put my big girl pants on and accomplished my goal.

I decided to sneak in this photo of Michael Franti looking at our boy because it fills my heart. It makes me realize that something might seem impossible but it's right there at our fingertips. If we just keep reaching and dreaming and working (see Franti's shirt!) we can do it. I know setting up an Etsy shop isn't the end all but it's about taking your goal and breaking it down into smaller doable pieces. Etsy shop is the beginning. To visit my shop click here.

I hope you all are dipping your toes in a cool stream somewhere and breaking your goals down to doable bite size pieces!

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