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Valentine's Day Sale!

Greetings from frigid Vermont!

Negative ten. That is what I woke up to today and I thought why? why do I live here? Then on my drive to the studio the sky was just breathtaking (similar to the air when I walked outside this morning) but in a gentler more joyful way. Usually, I start my mornings out with a walk around Montpelier or a jaunt into the woods. Observing, searching for that spark, or just breathing in the air. I get into a slump when it's this cold and I am sequestered indoors. However, this burst of cold air has gifted me the time to organize my studio and unearth some beautiful paintings.

At the beginning of the Pandemic, I created a collection of hydrangea paintings. I came to my studio and would meditate into the quiet stillness of these beautifully resilient flowers. I was able to lose myself completely in these paintings. It is the magic moment, as an artist, I crave. Time doesn't exist and it's the closest thing I can think of to ecstasy. Not the drug but pure "BLISS". Like the first time I saw my daughter's face or watched my son catch his first fish.

I'm sure this is why so many artists don't like to part with their work. My paintings are memories, feelings, sometimes even friends. They helped me get through hard times, self-discovery, or even loss. They have brought me peace, joy and sometimes frustration. Each one is like a relationship I have invested, myself in.

I am ready to share these paintings with the world and let them reside in someone's home. Bringing that person or family joy and beauty. Time for these paintings to make memories and begin a love story of their own. I thought this collection of paintings would be appropriate to introduce for Valentine's Day at a discounted price. Many of you know I love "Flowers For No Reason", this deserves a blog post of its own! I also love gifts that are hand crafted and will last a lifetime. My paintings are created with archival paints and will last a lifetime.

All paintings are for sale on my website and include shipping and handling. If you live in Vermont and would like to acquire a painting that does not need to be shipped, please contact me for a discount before purchasing online.

I also have prints available of "Love Birds". Personalize the print with the love bird's initials and/or special date.

Once again, THANK YOU for reading this! THANK YOU for being interested in what I have to say.

Stay warm ~

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