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Bring Joy and Beauty Into Your Life!

Two of my favorite things are painting and gift giving. Why not put the two together? Maybe you have someone in your life that's really hard to buy for or you would like to give them an experience. This year I have a few options for you.


In October and November, I was busy creating beautiful resin coasters, trays and platters for the holidays. This week I will be updating my social media daily with items I have for sale. If you are interested in purchasing art from me, please visit my Facebook page or my Instagram page. I will be posting items like the ones below for holiday shopping! You can also check out my online store here.

From personalized prints to functional art there is something for everyone! Come on over and take a look!



Some people have everything and the last thing you want to give them is more stuff (even if it is beautiful!)

They might be really difficult to buy for, or YOU are the type of person that craves an experience! A gift of an experience is a great choice. If they are artsy or adventurous need a new hobby or it's something they always wanted to try, my painting class might be just the right fit. Classes are between 5-10 weeks, online or in person and I teach both kids and adults. I have an option for just about everyone!

Here are some examples of the painting lessons we have created in the past ten weeks.

We have been learning all about value, color mixing and color theory in my in-person adult classes on Tuesdays. Students are beginning to look at color in a whole new way. We make all these interesting paintings using three colors: red, blue and yellow. We have taken inspiration from Rothko and Georgia O'Keefe to create our own little master pieces. My students are learning how to let go of perfection and expectations while trying to remain kind and generous to themselves. That's not always easy but the class is meditative and good for the soul.

My online class is for people of ALL ages. From 5 to 75! This is a great way to paint from the comfort of your own home. Either solo or with our group at 1:00 via Zoom. No worries if you can't make a 1:00 class on Tuesday afternoon! I will send you a recording of the class that is good for two weeks. Currently I have a number of homeschooled children that attend the live Zoom each week and fill my heart! We have lots of laughs and the kids are always so generous in sharing their work and asking questions.

Here are the gallery walls of two of my youngest students!

If you would like more information about my classes, you can visit my website. Know someone that would love a painting class? Gift Certificates are now available for all my classes, and they can be purchased here. They come with a beautiful original painting and wrapped with a bow!

Thanks for reading this!

I wish you all a safe and merry holiday.

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