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Sign Up For An Acrylic Painting Class Today!

Sign ups are now open for my Fall 2021 classes, don't delay as there are limited spaces available! Email me today!

This fall I will be offering classes both in person and online. I will be using the Drawing Board's Classroom on the second floor of 24 Main Street to teach classes on Tuesdays. I will also host an online class for anyone that is unvaccinated, unable to access the space or prefers to learn from home. (Please note that my children's class will have unvaccinated kids and we will all be wearing masks).

I decided to do things a little different this year, maybe that should be the motto for 2021! I have added a morning class for adults and I decided to teach my classes down the hallway in the DB's classroom. The space in my own studio has been expanding with art work and there just isn't enough room for me to hold my classes there anymore. Five years ago when we opened the studio we had five artists working in that space! All of us pooling our money to pay the rent and we could still barely afford it. Now it is just Sam Colt and myself. We have worked hard to get to this point and I think we should somehow celebrate our five year anniversary in October. Here's a throw back, us in the beginning!! We had all the feels in this photo! It was a terrifyingly exciting moment for us, look at our smiles!

I have also decided to teach a 10 week course with all my classes instead of 8. This will bring us from mid September to mid November with the holidays off. It can be a bit hectic for us to find our rhythm in the beginning of September so I decided to start classes on September 14. That gives us all a little bit of time to ease into the new school year!

I will be offering three in person classes and one online class. All my classes are for beginner to intermediate painters. What does that mean? If you have never picked up a paint brush ~this is a class for you! If you know how to get paint on a canvas and you are looking to expand your knowledge and techniques ~this class is for you!

Beginner Painting on Tuesday Mornings 9-10:30 am. in person. This class will focus on the basics of painting. How to take care of your supplies, color mixing, value and how to enjoy the process. Previous students are welcome in this class as I always mix things up!

Beginner to Intermediate on Tuesday Evening 6-7:30 pm. in person. This class will also focus on color mixing and value while adding different inspiration throughout the course. Each student will work at their own pace as we explore different inspiration! Maybe an abstract project, learn about a famous artist, paint a still life or use your own photo.

Adult Painting Classes are $300 for the 10 weeks. Each student will receive 4 tubes of high quality, heavy body Golden acrylic paints and a palette knife for mixing. I will also provide palette paper, brushes, easels and canvases for the class. Space is limited to 9 people per class.

Online Guided Painting Class is for All Ages and Levels It will be held Tuesdays from 1-2pm. You can join via Zoom during that time or watch the video later that week at your leisure. Each week I will walk you step by step in creating your own original painting. If you sign up for all 10 weeks it is $200 or you can sign up for 5 weeks at $125. I will have a list of materials you will need to purchase for this class or some of you may already have your own! I will also be offering a sibling or couple discount for my online class. If you are only using one Zoom space just add $5 a person per class. That would be $250 for two people for the ten weeks!

Children's Acrylic Painting Class on Tuesday 4-5 pm. in person. This is for kiddos 5th to 8th grade. This class will focus on color mixing, value and self expression. This class will be limited to 8 spaces and will run for 10 weeks, same pod of kiddos. We will all be masked and spaced apart.

If you are interested in a class or have any questions please contact me.

I look forward to seeing your faces both in person and on line!

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