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New Autumn Collection Arrives and is available on Etsy!

I came out of my Covid slumber about two months ago and started painting! My husband Chad and I had a good ole time drinking too much and getting chubby together for the first couple months of quarantine. Our whole family fell into a bit of a sink hole when our world came to a halt. Then the summer was spent dragging us all out of that sink hole and reentering the world in a new way.

Well here we are halfway through October and things have been humming along in the studio. I was able to work with two small classes of students and paint to my heart's content. It was healing and just what I needed. Fall is a magical time for me, it is a time for inspiration and growth. Always. Everything starts to go back to the rhythm of life. Summer settles and my energies start to focus on my work. This year my obsession became hydrangeas. One of the last flowers to bloom and they take us on a pilgrimage of color.

I am continually interested in the spiritual symbolism of flowers, trees and plants. Purple hydrangeas generally symbolize a desire to understand someone on a deeper level. I feel this is exactly what I was exploring with these close-up, in depth paintings of the hydrangea petals. Any color hydrangea can symbolize heartfelt, honest emotions along with basic sentiments like gratitude, understanding, and abundance. All things we need a little more of in this world.

I would like to welcome you all to my studio in Montpelier. I will be accepting appointments to see the new collection "Autumn Hydrangeas". If you are interested in seeing these pieces in person please contact me. If a studio visit doesn't fit into your schedule just click on this link to be directed to my Etsy shop, you can see all my current work there.

I am so thankful to all of you that signed up for this blog, or follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram and once again thank you for supporting the arts!

Please use the coupon code ARTHOP10 to receive 10% off any of my paintings on my Etsy site.

Be well and I hope to connect with you soon~


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