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Fall Art Classes

That's right, you heard it, Fall Art Classes! I enjoyed teaching art this summer so much I decided to extend a few classes into the Fall. I started off in June with a half day art camp for 12 -14 year olds. They were curious, funny, open and oh so talented. Take a look for yourself!

We focused on basic skills and techniques and they took off running. They were able to pick their own subject matter, within reason. I didn't want anyone to pick something that was too difficult right out of the gate and get discouraged. Keep it simple and have fun.

I felt joy in my heart watching these young people listening to their inner artist and exploring new techniques. Hopefully it will be a camp they enjoyed this summer and they will continue their journey exploring the arts and all the magic it has to offer.

This fall I will be offering a teen art class. This is a beginner class that requires no previous experience and is limited to 8 students per class. I would like to introduce young people to drawing and painting and make it fun, not intimidating. You can tell from the above photos we start off with simple forms and a small palette. Keeping color choices minimal helps the student learn how to mix colors and keep them bright and vibrant.

TEEN CLASS will be held Monday evenings at the Studio from 6-7:30 PM. It will be $25 per class and all materials will be included. It will run from September 9-October 28. This class will focus on the basic skills and techniques in drawing and painting. Please visit my website for more information.

Paint Party

Now something for the adults in the house.

Do you know I have my degree in Art Therapy and Psychology? That's right, however, I am not a certified Art Therapist. I got distracted in the late nineties and ended up in a ski resort flinging beers and pizza following graduation. After reflecting back on this time I realized I have been preparing my whole adult life to host a Paint and Sip Party! !

It needs a better name and I am working on that, if you have any ideas please share with me.

I would love to create an environment where people can come hang with friends or strangers and paint. There is something meditative and relaxing about painting when you let go of any expectations. Art is Therapy and so is laughter!

Bring your friends, partner or just yourself and join me for a Paint Party Saturday, September 21, 7-9pm at my studio in Montpelier. I will provide all the materials plus light refreshments, byob.

$35 per person, email me for more information or visit my website.

Enjoy the rest of the summer weather!


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